Art Hacker Gallery has it's roots in Phoenix Arizona.  Where in 2020 we took began our first gallery location at 802 W Jefferson St in Downtown Phoenix.  What was once an old wood shop and carpentry warehouse, we completely rehabbed the 2,500 square foot space turning it into the cornerstone of Downtowns Phoenix newest design district.


In the spring of 2023 Art Hacker Opened its second Gallery in the Melrose Hill district of Los Angeles.  With our finger on the pulse of the buzzy art scene we are part of the ever present art scene with neighbors David Zirner, Moran Moran, Souther Guild, Sergeant’s Daughter.  With an ever expanding showcase of artists from photography, sculpture, fine art, video and holograms we continue to present unique works bucking the trends of corporatized art.


The art world is an exciting and ever changing landscape.  Art Hacker Gallery continues to develop our artist program along with publications, art books shows and events.  Future endeavors include a biennale that is in the works as we scout a very special host city.

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